Rick Perry Meets With Donald Trump, Then IMMEDIATELY Does THIS

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On Monday, former Texas Governor Rick Perry arrived at Trump Tower to meet with President-elect Donald Trump about taking a position in his administration. However, it’s what he did immediately after the meeting that has everyone talking.

Daily Mail reported that Perry flew to Los Angeles right after the meeting so that he could perform on the Tuesday night finale of Dancing With The Stars. There, he shocked millions of viewers by DJing while Vanilla Ice performed his hit song “Ice, Ice Baby.”

The 66 year-old former governor wore a velvet coat, backwards baseball cap and pair of bejeweled headphones for the number. It’s safe to say that nobody EVER expected to see him do something like this! 

Perry appeared on Dancing With The Stars this season but he was unfortunately eliminated early in the competition. Though it isn’t clear what cabinet position he might take, he is reportedly being considered for Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Agriculture and Secretary of Energy.

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