Tucker Carlson SILENCES Charlie Rangel After He Demands We Abolish Electoral College

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Ever since the presidential election, liberals have been whining about how “unfair” it is that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton when she actually won the popular vote. On Tuesday night, liberal congressman Charlie Rangel tried to argue to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that our country needs to abolish the electoral college to make our elections “more fair.”

Carlson, however, wasn’t having any of it.

Mediaite reported that Rangel is pushing a bill that would destroy the electoral college. Carlson asked him if he is doing this only because Clinton lost the election but won the popular vote. Though Rangel claimed that he would still be pushing for this even if Clinton won, it’s clear he only wants the electoral college gone for his party’s personal gain.

Rangel said that he is a believer in “one man one vote,” before insulting the intelligence of millions of Americans by saying they don’t understand that they are actually voting for electors rather than a president. Not giving up, Carlson pointed out that he and Barbara Boxer, who is also pushing for the bill, are from New York and California respectively. These two states would benefit from the electoral college being abolished arguably more than any other would.

In the end, Rangel was exposed as a biased hypocrite who can’t deal with the fact that Clinton lost fair and square. SHARE this story if you stand by the electoral college!

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