Insiders Reveal How Trump REALLY Spent His Thanksgiving

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Donald Trump has announced many of his cabinet positions in the past week, but he has yet to name anyone to the crucial role of Secretary of State. Now, insiders have revealed that Trump spent Thanksgiving Day agonizing on whether he should pick Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney for the position.

In the end, the person Trump picks will play a major role in how successful his presidency will be.

Team Trump cannot decide who it wants to select as its newest member.

Donald Trump spent Thanksgiving weekend holed up at his lavish Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida, and conversation around the dinner table was focused on who the President-elect should pick to be secretary of state.

Internal divisions over his choice have reportedly delayed the critical decision, with his closest advisers weighing up a field of candidates that includes Rudy Giuliani, a Trump loyalist, and Mitt Romney, one of the former reality television host’s loudest critics.

Romney is largely regarded as the most qualified candidate, but his criticisms of Trump may end up costing him the job.

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker is also a possibility, as well as Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, according to The Hill.

Trump is so conflicted about who to name to the high-profile position, he was even asking members in the club’s living room who he should pick.

‘Donald was walking around asking everybody he could about who should be his secretary of state,’ a person said, according to the New York Post

‘There was a lot of criticism about Romney, and a lot of people like Rudy. There are also many people advocating for [former US ambassador to the UN] John Bolton.’

It comes after it was reported earlier in the week that Trump’s team wanted Romney to issue a public apology for his critical comments.

Romney famously tore into Trump in March, telling a Utah audience that the New York billionaire was ‘a phony’ and ‘a fraud’.

Citing a Trump transition official, Fox News Channel correspondent Ed Henry said Thursday: ‘there has been a conversation going on in private, very quiet of course, about whether or not Mitt Romney should issue some sort of formal or informal apology to President-elect Donald Trump.’

‘Does he write a letter? Does he put out a statement of some kind?’ Henry said.

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