Trump Names Fox News Personality To His Admin. In Top Position

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Donald Trump has announced many of his cabinet positions in the past week. Now, he has shocked everyone by naming a top Fox News contributor to his administration.

The Daily Caller reported that Trump has chosen Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland to be his deputy national security advisor. Trump cited McFarland’s “tremendous experience and innate talent” in choosing her for the position, according to Conservative Tribune.

Before becoming a national security analyst for Fox News, McFarland held national security positions in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations. A fierce critic of the way Barack Obama has approached terrorism, she is the perfect person to join team Trump, who has promised to make national security a top priority during his presidency.

During the Nixon and Ford presidencies, McFarland served as an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger on the National Security Council staff. She held this post from 1970 until 1976. During Reagan’s presidency, she was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee staff, and she later became his principal deputy assistant secretary of defense and Pentagon spokeswoman.

In Trump’s administration, McFarland will be answering directly to the incoming national security advisor, retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

McFarland’s educational background is also extremely impressive. She has bachelor’s degrees from George Washington University and Oxford University, and a masters from the latter as well. After completing her studies at these schools, she went on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology doctoral program, where she studied nuclear weapons, China and the Soviet Union.

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