Megyn Kelly Gets A BRUTAL Dose Of Karma After Repeatedly Attacking Trump

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Megyn Kelly has spent the past year relentlessly attacking Donald Trump in the hopes of appealing to a more mainstream audience, never thinking that he would actually win the election. In the process, Kelly has alienated millions of Fox News fans, and this move has just come back to bite her in a big way.

Kelly has spent the past few weeks desperately trying to sell her memoir “Settle For More” by appearing on numerous talk shows. Unfortunately for her, it hasn’t been going so well for her. The Wall Street Journal reported that Kelly’s memoir has only sold 64,000 copies in the first six days it has been out. Considering the fact that her publisher has already printed two million copies of the book, this is not a good result at all. Selling so few copies in the first few days indicates that there is almost no way Kelly will be able to sell all two million copies, meaning her publisher won’t be seeing a profit.

This came after Donald Trump supporters flooded “Settle For More’s” Amazon page with negative reviews as payback for Kelly’s repeated attacks on the president-elect. The Los Angeles Times reported that many of the negative reviews came from a link from a pro-Trump Reddit forum called “The_Donald.” Many posts on this page encouraged people to negatively review Kelly’s book.

“46% of Megyn Kelly’s book reviews on Amazon are 5 STARS. You know what to do,” someone posted on the forum four days ago.


It appears that the onslaught of negative reviews has had a big impact on the book’s sales…



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