Obama FINALLY Breaks Silence on Hillary’s Loss – Here’s Who He Blames…

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Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, liberals have been whining about how “unfair” the result is. Now, Barack Hussein Obama has gotten in on the action by revealing who he blames for Clinton’s loss, and you won’t believe who it is…

Town Hall reported that though Obama briefly acknowledged that Democrats did not campaign enough with working class voters, he then blamed Fox News for causing Clinton to lose.

“Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grassroots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments,” Obama told Rolling Stone. “That part of the critique of the Democratic Party is accurate. We spend a lot of time focused on international policy and national policy and less time being on the ground. And when we’re on the ground, we do well.”

Obama has been taking shots at Fox News ever since he first took office, famously saying that if he watched the network regularly, he wouldn’t have voted for himself either.

“Look if I watched Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me either,” Obama said, according to the LA Times. “You’ve got this screen, this fun-house mirror through which people are receiving information. How to break through that is a big challenge.”

The fact that the president blamed Fox for Clinton’s loss once again shows just how arrogant Democrats are. Instead of blaming conservative media for their loss, perhaps Democrats should take a good, hard look at themselves and question what made so many working class voters turn against them.

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