Donald Trump Gets Some Awful News Ahead Of Indiana Primary

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Donald Trump is already saying that the race for the GOP presidential nomination is “over,” but Texas Senator Ted Cruz is gaining on him in a big way.

According to Bloomberg, Cruz dominated delegate selection contests all over the country over the weekend. The delegates were being chosen to attend the July convention in Cleveland.

“It is going to be a contested convention,” Cruz said Sunday on ABC’s This Week broadcast. “I believe at the convention, the highest total Trump gets, it will be the first ballot and that we are seeing the party unite behind our campaign.”

Meanwhile, Trump claimed that a victory in Indiana would hand him the nomination.

“Yes, it’s over. I think it’s over now, but it’s over,” he said on Fox News Sunday. “Cruz cannot win, he’s got no highway, he’s got nothing, he’s way behind. I’m leading him by millions and millions of votes and I’m leading him by 400 or 500 delegates. He can’t win.”

Though Cruz came in a distant third at Virginia’s primary back in March, 10 of 13 delegates selected in the state are supporters of him. In Arizona, Cruz won virtually all of the 28 at-large delegate slots and roughly split the 27 selected by congressional district.

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