You Won’t Believe What Was Just Spotted In Texas…

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Lt. Allen B. West noticed something very unusual in El Paso, Texas during a recent trip there that has everyone talking.

Here’s what West had to say about his trip:

While there, I was given a grassroots explanation of the issues with having these two cities so very close. First of all, there are U.S. Border Patrol checkpoints located on either side of El Paso along Interstate 10. It’s certainly a security cordon around the city. However, from the briefing I received, there are several things happening in the city that should cause concern. 

First of all, there are students who reside in Ciudad Juarez crossing and attending schools who are using the addresses of others, potentially relatives, in order to gain access to the public schooling. Now, I have no issue with a child getting a good quality education but that should be for American children. And if this is the case, then how do you extract revenues for the funding of the local public schools? 

We all know a certain percentage of local municipality and state taxes are “supposed” to fund education, so how do the parents of a child that isn’t a legal resident pay for that public education? I suppose the folks who live at the false address are paying, then again, what if they’re residing in El Paso illegally?

 Another point that was brought to my attention — that I’ll have to research — is the issue of sales tax refunds for those who cross over into El Paso and purchase goods. I guess folks will say it’s a boost to the local economy, but if true, why are they getting a sales tax refund? I don’t think the shops in El Paso are “duty free.” 

Lastly, they told me that usually, there is an atmospheric layer that hangs over Cuidad Juarez that’s clearly distinguishable from El Paso. I guess we do care about our air quality in the United States, regardless of what liberal progressives claim. And as I stood there on that vantage point, my mind just wondered, how many residents of Cuidad Juarez are actually working in El Paso, or at least on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande?

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