Obama Whines That Michelle Doesn’t Get Paid – Then Gets A BRUTAL Wakeup Call

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Throughout their seven long, painful years in the White House, the Obamas have taken great pleasure in spending as much of our tax dollars as they could on themselves. That’s why millions of Americans were furious when the president recently whined that Michelle should be given a salary for her role as first lady.

According to Conservative Brief, Obama recently had the nerve to lament the fact that his wife works really hard and doesn’t get paid for it.

“Women now bring in close to half of all income, and there are a whole lot of families out there where the woman is the primary breadwinner,” Obama said in a recent speech. “And if Michelle is not being paid fairly, then that’s not helping me. I want her to get what she rightfully deserves.”

“I want her being paid the same as a man doing the same job, because that is helping our family,” he added. “I will say, the First Lady is kind of a bad example, because the First Lady doesn’t get paid. And she works pretty hard.”

Cry me a river, Barry! Your wife may not get an official salary, but that hasn’t stopped her from spending MILLIONS of tax dollars on lavish vacations and gowns. SHARE this story if the Obamas make you SICK!

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