What Blake Shelton Just Did With Michelle Obama Will Make You SICK

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On Monday night, Michelle Obama appeared on the NBC reality television show The Voice along with Vice President Joe Biden’s wife Jill. There, all of the judges submitted to her liberal agenda, including supposed conservative Blake Shelton.

According to Right Wing News, Shelton told Entertainment Tonight before the show that he was very impressed by Michelle and also “a little bit nervous” for her visit.

“I don’t even want to talk to [my team] about it,” he joked, “because I’m afraid it’s going to start working on them a little bit.”

Shelton then beamed when Michelle Obama rattled off numerous songs of his, proving that she really is a fan of his. However, Shelton’s patriotic fans are now furious that he submitted to a liberal nitwit like Michelle Obama in such a shameless way.

It’s always sad to see someone become a liberal just because it’s the “cool” thing to do. We thought you were better than this, Blake!

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