Donald Trump Makes Bombshell Announcement – Will You Still Support Him?

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Days after becoming the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump is already backtracking on a stance that had become one of the staples of his campaign.

According to Western Journalism, Trump has announced he will no longer be self-funding his general election campaign.

“I’ll be putting up money but won’t be completely self-funding, as I did during the primaries,” Trump said Wednesday, adding that he will instead form what he called a “world-class finance organization.”

Trump’s campaign is expected to cost billions of dollars, and it will be funded by a combination of his own money and the contributions of his supporters. This news came after Market Watch reported that the business mogul lent his campaign $36 million of the $47 million he spent through March.

Many were stunned by this announcement, since Trump had spent the last few months calling his opponents “puppets” for accepting and relying on super PACs and soliciting contributions from donors. However, others have defended Trump by pointing out he is just trying to ensure that his campaign is armed with the necessary resources to take on the presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

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