Former Mistress Comes Forward – Drops Incestuous Bombshell About Clintons

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Sally Miller is a former Miss Arkansas who had a steamy affair with Bill Clinton back in 1983. Now, she has come forward to drop a bombshell about their sex life that is sure to leave both Bill and Hillary humiliated.

Miller wrote in her upcoming book, “The Beauty Queen: Let no good deed go unpublished” that many of Bill’s sexual fantasies revolved around his mother. According to Infowars, she said he spoke of how he would get turned on from massaging his mother’s feet and how he would frequently dress in her clothing.

“Sometimes, after making-love, we snuggled and indulged in pillow-talk,” Miller wrote.

“Bill and I seemed to cover every topic imaginable, from childhood fears, sexual turn-ons and old loves, to our impressions of various people, life’s every-day challenges, and our longtime wish lists,” she continued. “I was intrigued when Bill talked about his mother and the impact she had on his sexual fantasies.”

Miller went on to discuss Bill’s cross-dressing tendencies:

“He talked about his mother coming home from work or a date, still wearing her high-heeled, ankle-strap shoes. He described his mother unhooking her garter belt, then sitting down and putting her feet on the bed. That’s when she motioned Bill to remove her shoes, her nylon stockings, and start rubbing her feet.

Bill laughed about getting an erection each time he rubbed his mother’s feet, ankles, and legs. Bill confessed that sometimes, when he was younger and his mother wasn’t around, he would put his feet in her shoes and practice walking, swinging his hips, like her.

It was a turn-on and made him feel powerful.”

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