BREAKING: Horrifying Moment US Cop Is Shot During Traffic Stop – Please Pray

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Disturbing new dashcam footage shows the horrifying moment a Tennessee police officer was shot in the chest during a routine traffic stop.

According to Liveleak, it all started when Officer Ahscari Valencia pulled over 62 year-old Floyd Ray Cook, unaware of the fact that the man had a criminal history. Valencia was hit in the chest, but he was thankfully wearing a bulletproof vest.

“It saved his life,” Algood Police Chief Gary Harris said. “I honestly believe he wouldn’t have made it if… where the bullet hit that vest it probably would have hit a vital organ.”

Cook immediately fled the scene and evaded police for days before he was killed in a shootout with officers in Kentucky.

This video shows just how dangerous life is for American police officers these days. Not all officers are as lucky as Valencia: they put their lives on the line for us every day, and they deserve our respect and prayers. SHARE if you agree!

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