Obama’s DOJ Bans The Words ‘Felon’ And ‘Convict’ – The Reason Why Is Horrifying

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The politically correct nonsense of the Obama administration reached a new low this week when they revealed they have banned the words “felon” and “convict.”

According to Conservative Tribune, Obama’s Department of Justice announced they will no longer be using these words to describe those who are released from prison because it is too “hard” on them emotionally.

“(M)any of the formerly incarcerated men, women, and young people I talk with say that no punishment is harsher than being permanently branded a ‘felon’ or ‘offender’,” Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason wrote in The Washington Post on Wednesday.

Mason added that they want to instead use words that help people re-enter society.

“The labels we affix to those who have served time can drain their sense of self-worth,” she said.

Maybe they should have thought about their “self-worth” before they committed the crime that got them in prison in the first place.

“In an effort to solidify the principles of individual redemption and second chances that our society stands for, I recently issued an agency-wide policy directing our employees to consider how the language we use affects re-entry success,” she continued.

The new policy will replace the words “felon” and “convict” with terms like “person who committed a crime” and “individual who was incarcerated.”

Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!

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