Record Number Of Americans RENOUNCE Citizenship Under Obama

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Liberals are always claiming that a record number of Americans will renounce their citizenship if Donald Trump is elected president. However, a bombshell new report has revealed that Americans have actually been renouncing their citizenship at a record rate throughout Obama’s presidency, long before Trump even entered the race.

According to Forbes, a record 1,158 people have renounced their citizenship since the beginning of 2016. Last year, there were around 4,300 expatriations. Since the Bush administration, there has been a whopping 560% increase in expatriations, going up by 18 times since 2008.

Sadly, these numbers are very small compared to the massive influx of illegal immigrants Obama has been bringing into this country.

These statistics show that Obama is one of the least popular presidents of all time. Clearly, thousands of Americans are so sick of him that they are willing to renounce citizenship of the greatest country in the world!

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