GOP Establishment Caught In Secret Meeting To Pick Third Party Candidate

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Much to the Republican establishment’s dismay, Donald Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee this week. Days later, rumors are swirling that 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is about to jump into the race as a third party candidate.

Romney has always denied that he’ll enter the race as the Republican nominee, but he’s never said anything about a third party run.

Longtime conservative stalwart William Kristol, founder of the Weekly Standard, confirmed to CNN that he met with Romney on Thursday to discuss third-party options.

Kristol, who is leading the charge to find an alternative to presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, joins many other prominent conservatives who have pledged to not support Trump’s bid for president under any circumstances, a movement that has now become known as #nevertrump.

The meeting, Kristol said, was to gauge Romney’s thoughts about the logistics of running a strong third-party candidate, who it might be and whether or not he “might be the candidate himself.”

That said, Kristol made clear that while he did seek Romney’s advice, he is not “actively working to get him to run.”

For his part, not only has Romney said he would not seek the GOP nomination, he says he will not run as a third party, either.

However, it is worth wondering whether the former Massachusetts governor will ultimately change his mind now that Trump has all but won his party’s nomination. After all, it was Romney, the last man to run for president under the Republican banner, who delivered a blistering speech in March, in which he strongly derided Trump, calling him a “phony,” a “fraud,” and that he did not have the judgment or temperament necessary to be president.

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