Hillary Panics After THIS Leaks… This Could End Her

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Hillary Clinton is in panic mode this week after a list leaked that shows she made $22 million from speeches made between April 2013 and March of 2015. This list proves that she is the complete opposite of the “everywoman” she pretends to be to get votes.

In addition, Dr. Robert Gehl, a college professor in Phoenix, Arizona, with over 15 years of journalism experience, including two Associated Press awards, released his own study of Clinton’s big-money speeches for Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, American Jewish University and many other organizations.

According to Dr. Gehl’s research, Hillary Clinton received about $22 million between April 2013 and March 2015 for her “appearances” at Wall Street firms, banking institutions, non-profit groups and charitable organizations such as the Jewish United Fund. The lengthy list includes some foreign groups that paid about $225,000.00 per speech.

“I’ve yet to hear anything come out of Mrs. Clinton mouth that’s worth a quarter-million dollars at a clip. It’s an activity at which she and her husband Bill excel. Charging enormous sums of money to show up and saying a few words begs for me to use the term ‘racket’ when discussing the Clinton family,” said former police criminal investigator George Washington Nartharis. “Dr. Gehl’s extensive study of Hillary’s pay-to-play speech racket is being ignored by a news media that seems to dig into every nickel the GOP front-runner [Donald] Trump made in his business transactions,” said Nartharis.

Below is Prof. Gehl’s list of speeches including the dates, organizations and amounts paid to her Hillary Clinton discuss her “wealth of knowledge” and her empty claims of success.


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