BREAKING: Trump Gets Some Bombshell News From New York – Hillary Didn’t See This Coming

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Donald Trump’s win in New York propelled him to getting the GOP presidential nomination. Now, a bombshell move from a major state third party has put New York into play for him for the general election.

Newsmax reported that the New York Conservative Party will officially endorse Trump for the presidency with “overwhelming” support, which could hurt Hillary’s chances in the state in a big way. According to Conservative Tribune, the Conservative Party was founded in 1962 by a group of people who believed the state’s Republican leaders weren’t conservative enough.

Ironically, one of the party’s founders was William F. Buckley, who founded the conservative National Review magazine, which infamously dedicated an entire issue to derailing Trump’s campaign.

“We’re overwhelming for Trump,” said Conservative State Chairman Mike Long, adding that the endorsement would be made officially in September by the 287-member state committee.

“And there are still some complaints Trump isn’t conservative enough,” Long continued. “But there is also an overwhelming sentiment that we cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama and that’s what four years of Hillary Clinton means.”

This endorsement could prove to be a big deal for Trump, as it will give him an extra line on the ballot in the state. Though the Republicans haven’t carried the state in 32 years, an endorsement from the Conservative Party propelled Ronald Reagan to victories in both 1980 and 1984.

A win in New York could hand Trump the entire election, as it would be very difficult for Hillary to get the votes she needs without that state. Long believes that the implications from this endorsement will stretch far beyond New York.

“And our endorsement can be helpful to Trump across the nation,” Long said. “(Trump) is having some trouble with other conservatives nationwide. Having our seal of approval could possibly bring some of those who are undecided onto the ‘Trump train.’”

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