RNC Chair Drops Bombshell About Trump’s VP – ‘We’ve Got To Have…’

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Now that Donald Trump is known to be the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, speculation is already spreading as to who his Vice President will be.

This week, Politico reported that Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus gave an interview in which he talked about who he thinks Trump’s running mate should be.

“(Trump) also understands that we’ve got to have a real seasoned veteran,” Priebus said, adding that he agrees with Hugh Hewitt’s suggestion that “there has to be a degree of diversity on the ballot.”

“Now whether it be diversity of age or whether it be diversity of gender or ethnic background, somehow or another, diversity is important in some respects,” Priebus explained, according to Conservative Tribune.

Priebus went on to say that the mainstream media is oversimplifying the vetting process that surrounds vice presidential picks.

“(The) vetting process is far more detailed, and I know that there’s more involved in that vetting process than I think is being reported right now,” he stated.

This came soon after Trump himself said he needs a vice president who has political experience and has an intricate knowledge of how Congress works and would be able to help push the business mogul’s agendas through.

Who do you think Trump’s Vice President should be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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