Donald Trump Shocks Supporters With Massive Announcement – Nobody Saw This Coming

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Donald Trump shocked everyone recently when he announced plans to make the Republican convention more “showbiz” than ever before. Now, insiders are speculating about what he might have planned for the July event.

According to Daily Mail, Trump is thinking of debuting his running mate on live television to maximize the ratings.

Politico reported that the business mogul is hoping to “maximize the drama and spectacle” of the four-day convention, which is typically a bit dull.

“This is the part of politics he would naturally enjoy, and he wants to control it 100 percent,” one Trump insider told the publication. “This is a massive television production and he is a television star.”

The insider added that Trump sees revealing his running mate as similar to “announcing [the] winner of “Celebrity Apprentice” before the final show is on the air.”

“This is one of the only opportunities to create tension and drama in the whole show,” the source continued. “You better believe Mr. Trump understands that and is looking to maximize that.”

Trump is reportedly also considering revealing his entire cabinet from the convention stage.

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