New Woman Comes Forward To Drop Bombshell About Trump

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Last weekend, the New York Times posted a story in which they tried to make Donald Trump look like a perverted sexist who has sexually harassed numerous women. This story was later proven to be a fabrication when multiple women quoted in it came forward to say their words had been twisted and taken out of context.

On Tuesday, yet another woman quoted in the Times article revealed that the story is a complete lie. According to Conservative Tribune, former Miss USA Carrie Prejean appeared on Fox News’ Hannity on Tuesday to let the world know what she really thinks of Trump and how he treated her.

“I told them they weren’t gonna get anything negative out of me about Donald Trump, and they weren’t really happy about that,” Prejean said of the Times. She added that when she didn’t give them what they wanted, they went through her book “Still Standing” until they found a quote they could take out of context to make it look like Trump treated women badly.

Prejean revealed that Trump was actually gracious, helpful and kind toward her and the rest of the beauty pageant contestants. He wasn’t the misogynist the Times tried to portray him as at all.

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