Hillary Clinton Considering Bombshell VP Pick – This Is NOT Good For Trump

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Peggy Noonan dropped a bombshell in the Wall Street Journal this week when she predicted that Hillary Clinton will name Bernie Sanders as her running mate, which would come as very bad news to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In her oped, Noonan predicted that the Democratic Party will fracture in the coming weeks as Clinton narrowly beats out Sanders for the nomination. Then, in a desperate attempt to unite her party again and secure Sanders’ legion of voters, Noonan believes Clinton will make him her running mate.

Here’s what Noonan had to say:

“California votes June 7. A journalist this week speculated in conversation that if Mrs. Clinton underperforms or even loses there, it could be a gift. It will make her desperate. Presuming she goes on to win the nomination, her desperation might prompt her to make Bernie Sanders her vice presidential nominee. 

Why not? It would hold the party together for this cycle. It would help keep Sanders voters, who often threaten to go elsewhere if Mrs. Clinton is the nominee, in the tent. It would also unsettle Trumpworld. They see Bernie supporters as potential Trump supporters in the general election, and Mr. Sanders as having an appeal that overlaps with their own. They see his outsider mystique and his appeal to the young. 

Would Mrs. Clinton do it? If it were the only choice, she would. Would he? He hasn’t ruled it out. In early May, Mr. Sanders told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he was “focused” on winning the nomination, and, if he does not succeed, “we are going to fight as hard as we can” to make the Democratic platform more “progressive.” “Then, after that,” he said, “certainly Secretary Clinton and I can sit down and talk and see where we go from there.” 

Clinton running with Sanders could spell doom for Trump, as he’s counting on the millions of liberals who support Sanders to refuse to vote in the election as they have promised if he does not get the nomination.

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