Fox News Reporter Gets Some Very Bad News – She Needs Prayers

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A Fox Sports reporter came forward this week to reveal the shocking nightmare she has gone through at the hands of the popular driving service Uber.

Kristine Leahy, who contributes to The Herd on Fox Sports 1 and co-hosts American Ninja Warrior on NBC, took to Twitter last Friday to tell her horrifying story about what happened between her and Uber. According to Daily Mail, it all started when Leahy emailed Uber saying she had lost her keys in one of their cars, prompting the company to ask for her address and say they would look for a way to get them back to her.

Leahy was later stunned when Uber informed her that she can no longer get the keys back because she failed to pick them up from their headquarters within 45 days.

This was not the first time Leahy had a bad experience with Uber. Previously, she had had a driver try to break into her home.


The fact that someone tried to break into this brilliant young woman’s home is downright scary. SHARE this story if you stand with Leahy against Uber!

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