BREAKING: Here’s The Mansion The Obamas Are Moving Into On OUR Dime

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Earlier today, it was reported that the Obama family had announced that they will be moving to the wealthy Washington D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama after leaving the White House so that their daughter Sasha can finish high school. At the time, the exact home they are moving to was being kept a secret, but photos of the mansion have now leaked to the press.

According to The Political Insider, the Obamas will be moving into this 8,000 square-foot house, which is currently owned by long-time Democratic operative and former Clinton White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart. The home will cost them a whopping $6.35 million, which they will be able to afford thanks to the hefty pension the American taxpayers will be forced to pay Obama for the rest of his life.


Lockhart has moved to New York City to take a position as the executive vice president of communications for the NFL.

The Obama’s new home reportedly has eight bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms, and is in a neighborhood full of ambassadors, leaders of industry, and top political insiders. The house boasts a giant back patio, parking for 10 cars, and a full in-law suite.



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The Obamas had been trying to purchase the property from Lockhart quietly, but sources leaked the arrangement to the press on Wednesday. Not only will taxpayers be paying for the home, the mansion will also have to undergo massive multi-million dollar upgrades for the Secret Service.

Frankly, it makes us sick that the Obamas will continue to live like kings for the rest of their lives while millions of Americans struggle just to survive thanks to the ridiculous policies Barack has inflicted over us during his presidency. SHARE this story if you think we should NOT be forced to pay for the Obama family’s mansion!

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