BREAKING: Obama Caught On Camera Betraying America With THIS

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A few weeks ago, when Ben Rhodes and White House spokesman Josh Earnest revealed that President Obama would be visiting Vietnam, they promised that he would not be apologizing for the supposed “sins” the United States has committed against the Communist nation.

During his visit to Vietnam this week, however, Obama turned on America when he lamented the industrial development that helped make the country great. Though the Industrial Revolution was key to the United States becoming the superpower it is today, Obama had the nerve to apologize to Vietnam about the carbon emissions that development produced.

While speaking at a Town Hall in Vietnam on Wednesday, Obama said, “To some degree this is not fair, I think it’s important to note. … Because if you think about Western industrial development before we knew anything about climate change, they used enormous amounts of carbon energy.”

“It’s not entirely fair then to say then to countries that are developing now, you have to stop because of climate change,” Obama continued, according to Western Journalism. “The problem is that if a country like Vietnam or China or India took the same development path that the West did, we’re all going to be under water.”

With this statement, Obama was effectively suggesting that the polar caps would melt and flood the planet if developing countries like Vietnam were allowed to proceed with industrial development using fossil fuels to do so.

This latest move of Obama’s has many thinking he may be trying to set himself up for a future career as world leader in climate change enforcement, traveling the globe to ensure countries comply with the Paris Agreement, which he signed on April 22.

It’s sickening that we have a president who has no problem speaking out against America as soon as he leaves our borders. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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