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Earlier this week, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Chinese billionaire businessman Wang Wenliang both appeared in a CNN report that the FBI and the Department of Justice were investigating McAuliffe’s campaign finances, including $120,000 in campaign contributions linked to Wang.

McAuliffe responded to the reports by claiming that he wouldn’t know Wang “if he sat in a chair next to me.” Newly-surfaced footage from Hillary Clinton’s home in 2013, however, has proven this to be a blatant lie.

According to Daily Mail, footage from September 30, 2013 show both men entering Clinton’s home on Embassy Row in Washington D.C. for a fundraiser. The video was obtained by obtained by anti-Hillary opposition research group America Rising, and it shows both men entering the home separately.

The men did not leave the house until hours after their arrival. New reports claim that McAuliffe invited Wang to the fundraiser himself, and a representative for the Chinese billionaire confirmed the two shook hands at the event.

This came days after McAuliffe slammed federal officials for leaking the apparent investigation.

“I was somewhat shocked when this got leaked,” he said in a Wednesday radio interview. “It is very unfortunate that our institutions of integrity like the Justice and the FBI would leak information. They should be held to a higher standard.”

This is yet more bad news for Clinton, as both men were big donors for her campaign. The last thing she needs right now is to be embroiled in yet another scandal with the law, but it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening!

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