Obama Gets The Worst News Of His Presidency – It’s Happening

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In his final year in office, Barack Hussein Obama has stepped up his game to destroy the Second Amendment by banning as many guns as he can. That’s why it came as very bad news for him this week when a federal appeals court intervened to try to overturn one of Washington D.C.’s most restrictive gun laws.

A federal appeals court has halted a ruling by a lower court that declared unconstitutional part of the current concealed carry law in Washington, D.C.

Under current law in D.C., the police only issue concealed carry permits to individuals who demonstrate a ‘need’ to carry a weapon. D.C.’s “good reason” clause has restricted concealed carry permits from being issued for almost any reason in D.C.

A gay rights group, the Pink Pistols, is leading the effort to overturn the restrictive gun law. The group joined a resident in the case which overturned D.C.’s strict law before the stay.

As U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon, this law is most definitely unconstitutional. SHARE this story if you will always stand up for the Second Amendment!

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