Trump Chickens Out Of Debate With Sanders After Saying He’ll Do It

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This week, the election was rocked when presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump challenged to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to a debate, and the latter agreed. Days later, Trump cancelled the debate, much to everyone’s dismay.

Now, however, it looks like the debate may be back on!

Donald Trump now has no reason left to back out of a potential Bernie Sanders / Donald Trump debate in California.

Tech industry investment firm Traction and Scale (T&S) wants to host the Sanders / Trump debate, and is willing to donate Donald Trump’s ransom of $10 million to charity in return. T&S CEO Richie Hecker told BuzzFeed News that he aims to host the debate in California on Monday, June 6, one day before California voters cast their ballots in the state’s primary, which is seen as Bernie Sanders’ last stand to remain competitive with Hillary Clinton.

Hecker laid out his vision for such a debate in a public statement to BuzzFeed News:

“We would host the debate as a physical event and live stream it to the world. As a technology incubator and investment company, Traction and Scale builds transformative user experiences and will host the debate on our cutting-edge mobile technology. We have distribution to 250MM Americans on social media through this channel.

The debate format would focus on compromise and solutions. We would invite the candidates to look at the forum less as a debate, and more as a negotiation for the future of America. We believe that Mr Sanders and Mr Trump collectively represent the voice of the American people. We are confident that convening the voice of the people in a nonpartisan forum will spark the revolution and make America great again.”

Trump, who this week secured the delegates necessary to clinch the Republican presidential nomination, told late night host Jimmy Kimmel he’d be willing to debate Sanders in California if a large sum of money was raised for charity. The billionaire real estate magnate stood by that statement at a press conference in North Dakota upon officially securing his party’s nomination, saying Sanders was a “dream” debate opponent, and that he would debate the Vermont senator in the Golden State should $10-15 million be raised for women’s health.

Sen. Sanders has pounced on the opportunity, calling for the debate to be held in “the biggest stadium possible.” In addition to Hecker, boxing legend and Top Rank CEO Bob Arum also offered to promote a Sanders / Trump debate on pay-per-view, pledging that at least $20 million would be donated to a charity of the candidates’ choosing, with moderators agreed upon by the candidates.

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