BREAKING: Islamic Terrorists Kill 16 People In Horrifying Terrorist Attack – Hostages Taken In Major City

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The Taliban killed 16 people and kidnapped dozens more on Tuesday after pulling them off buses in northern Afghanistan.

According to The Political Insider, the Taliban quickly took responsibility for the attack, saying they were targeting Afghan security officials aboard the buses passing through Aliabad district in the province of Kunduz. About 200 passengers were traveling on four buses when they were overtaken by the Taliban gunmen.

“The Taliban shot dead 16 passengers and they are still holding more than 30 others,” said Sayed Mahmood Danish, spokesman for the governor of Kunduz.

Regional police commander Shir Aziz Kamawal later updated the death toll to 17, though he would not reveal the identities of the passengers.

“They (Taliban) have released some passengers but are holding many others. None of the passengers were wearing military uniform but some may have been former police,” he said.

Residents of insurgency-prone Aliabad revealed that the terrorists held an impromptu court in a local mosque, where they scrutinized the ID documents of the abducted passengers and interrogated them for any government links.

“We had precise intelligence that 26 Afghan commandoes and police were among the passengers,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP, adding that six of them were killed while trying to escape.

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