Hillary Clinton Caught In Major Lie – It’s Happening

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The investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal emails server during her time as Secretary of State has been getting worse and worse for her in the last few weeks. After her first two excuses for the server issues failed, she has come up with a third lie in a pathetic attempt to explain it. Unfortunately for her, however, nobody is buying it this time.

Here’s an exchange of the video, courtesy of Western Journalism:

PETE HEGSETH: The DNC and other defenders of Hillary Clinton have found their talking point: It is, it’s just exactly what Colin Powell did. Are they right?

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: First they said it was allowed, it was allowed. The inspector general took care of that. Then they said it’s just a security check. The director of the FBI said, “We don’t do these security checks, we investigate crimes.” Now they’re saying, “Well, okay, we did everything they said we did, but Colin Powell did the same.”

Judge Napolitano argued that an evolving defense or excuse is making matters worse for Mrs. Clinton.

NAPOLITANO: What makes it worse, as always happens in these cases, is the lying, the lying, the lying. Now she’s dispatching these members of Congress to lie for her.

HEGSETH: Here’s an excerpt from John Podesta, the memorandum you talked about that they put out over the weekend said, “The secretary has once again acknowledged this was a mistake … She believed she was following the practices of other Secretaries.” As you point out, for the chair of her campaign to send out this kind of memo demonstrates it’s a four alarm, five alarm fire at this point inside that campaign.

NAPOLITANO: I think she’s in grave legal trouble and I think it’s going to come to a head very soon. I believe the investigation is just about over. They are negotiating to sit down with her as we speak. I believe that they will interrogate her in the next two or three weeks and ask the Justice Department to bring all the facts to a grand jury. If that happens, she’ll be indicted because the evidence of her guilt is overwhelming just from the public record.

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