Mike Rowe Puts Things In Perspective On Memorial Day

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American patriot Mike Rowe often uses his Facebook page to field questions from his fans and followers. Just before Memorial Day, he was asked for advice by one person on how to deal with those who confuse the holiday with Veterans Day.

According to Western Journalism, Rowe said that while this phenomenon is “unfortunate,” it also poses no threat to American life.

“The real threat, in my opinion,” he wrote, “is the gap between those Americans who appreciate our military, and those who do not.”

Rowe went on to say that people should focus their anger on other places instead of scolding well-meaning individuals who thank veterans for their service on a day meant to honor those who died.

“Personally,” he continued, “if I were to ‘correct’ someone this weekend, I’d focus my disapproval on those standing guard by their BBQ’s [sic] and lounging by their pools with no clue as to why they’ve been afforded a long weekend.”

Rowe concluded that the main issue is that too many Americans have become too far removed from the realities of military service, which has happened because only about 1% of the population is actually serving.

“But that’s no excuse for the breathtaking ignorance of what our men and women in uniform do on our behalf,” he wrote.

“If I were to allow myself to get offended by anything this weekend,” he asserted, “that’s the thing I’d rail against — the monumental indifference among those who take our freedoms for granted. That frankly, scares the hell out of me.”

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