Donald Trump Gets Some Very Bad News From Federal Judge

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Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the judge that will hear the civil fraud case against Trump University, gave Donald Trump some bad news on Tuesday when he announced he intends to unseal sensitive case documents to the Washington Post prior to election day in November.

Later that day, The Hill reported the judge had unsealed 381 pages of documents pertaining to a lawsuit filed against the Trump University’s real estate program. According to Western Journalism, this came days after Trump spoke out against Curiel during a rally in California on Friday. During the rally, Trump called Curiel “a hater of Donald Trump,” adding that he “happens to be Mexican, which is fine.”

The unsealed documents were a “playbook” used to convince students interested in real estate to join the program. It offered a variety of packages for different prices, with the “Gold Elite” package sold for $34,995. Students were told that they would be working with real estate experts to help them become profitable in a short period of time.

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