You Won’t Believe What Obama Is Doing Today…

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Seven long years ago, Barack Hussein Obama travelled to northern Indiana and predicted a tough but certain recovery if the country embraced his approach to re-juicing the economy.

On Wednesday, Obama returned to Elkhart, Indiana to take credit for lifting the US out of economic ruin with his ridiculous policies Democrats are rallying behind. Of course, this is a blatant lie, as Obama has done nothing but harm to our economy. A little fact like this hasn’t stopped Obama, however!

According to Fox 59, Obama is expected to proclaim in Indiana that his infamous $840 billion stimulus package was ultimately vindicated. He will also call on his successor to be willing to spend big to enable further economic growth.

Sorry, Barry, but when Donald Trump enters the White House, he will immediately destroy all of your harmful policies. SHARE this story if you want Obama OUT of the White House!

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