BREAKING: ISIS Terror Plot Rocks The Globe

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On Thursday, three Syrian “refugees” were arrested in Germany on suspicion of planning a terror attack on Dusseldorf on behalf of ISIS.

According to CNN, the cell was plotting a mass casualty attack on the old town Dusseldorf, using suicide vests and guns. One of the Syrians who was arrested was an experienced bomb maker. The plot is believed to have been ordered by senior ISIS leadership, and investigators think it was still in the early stages of planning.

The three men have only been identified as Hamza C., 27; Mahood B., 25; and Abd Arahman A. K., 31. They were arrested separately Thursday in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg and Baden-Wurttemberg. German officials have also called for the extradition of a fourth suspect, a 25-year-old Syrian national named Saleh A, who has been in custody in France since February.

Prosecutors say Saleh A. and Hamza C. joined ISIS in Syria in the spring of 2014, at which time senior ISIS terrorists sent them to Dusseldorf to plan an attack. The two men headed to Turkey in May 2014, and from there traveled separately to Germany via Greece. In January, they convinced Mahood B. to participate in the attack, and launched a plot to target Heinrich-Heine-Allee, a street in the city’s Altstadt district, using suicide explosive vests and guns to kill as many people as possible.

The men stopped planning the attack after Saleh A’s arrest.

These arrests prove that contrary to what Obama said, ISIS is still incredibly dangerous and refugees pose a major threat to the western world.

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