What Michelle Obama Did Yesterday Will Make You SICK

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First Lady Michelle Obama spent Wednesday presenting 10 institutions with the highest museum and library award. In a move that is typical of Michelle, however, she quickly made the celebration all about herself and her agendas rather than that of those she was supposed to be honoring.

“We know that in so many communities, our libraries and museums don’t just preserve and promote our cultural treasures, they also enrich and enlarge our lives,” Michelle said, according to the Charlotte Observer. “And that’s really one of the most powerful things that you all do each and every day.”

Michelle went on to hint at her agenda of indoctrinating America’s youth with her liberal views.

“Time and time again, it’s our nation’s libraries and museums who have sparked the imaginations and encouraged the interests of so many of our nation’s most accomplished authors and performers,” Michelle said at the ceremony.

Some of the recipients of the awards included the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, S.C., the North Carolina State University Libraries, and the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center for Children in Gulfport, Miss.

“They are true catalysts and in their own way each of them have made a difference, making their surrounding communities greater because of their presence,” said Kathryn Matthew, director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which offers grants, makes policy and conducts research on behalf of museums and libraries.

We’re sorry that these worthy institutions had to have their special day be overshadowed by Michelle and her big mouth. Frankly, everything this woman does makes us sick at this point. SHARE this story if you want her out of the White House!

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