Obama Will PAY You To Live Here – There’s Just One Catch…

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Obama’s government will actually pay you to live in the cabin pictured above this story, which is located in a tiny Montana town. However, there’s one little catch that may have you thinking twice about taking him up on this offer…

According to Right Wing News, the house is haunted.

The cabin is located in Garnet, Montana, a ghost down whose history is downright chilling.


Garnet was initially founded in 1895 under the name of Mitchell, and by 1898 it had become a rich gold mining area with around 1,000 residents.


In 1912, however, a fire broke out that destroyed half the town and it’s residents. The town was never rebuilt, and the buildings still look charred to this day.



With only around 16,000 visitors per year, Garnet is one of the most preserved destinations in this country. The government is hoping to increase these numbers by paying people to live there, compensating them for food and housing.


Find out more in the video below:

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