What Hillary Clinton Just Did To Veterans Will Make You SICK

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Americans everywhere are sick of Hillary Clinton shamelessly lying in a pathetic attempt to win this election. This week, she took her lies even further when she tried to use veterans as political props.

Unfortunately for Hillary, however, her little plan blew up in her face and she was exposed as the liar that she is!

Unfortunately for those who still blindly support the presidential hopeful, it seems that her recent attempt to use veterans as political props may have just blown her cover – and it’s all because of what was seen in the background.

A photo of the matter was taken at a Memorial Day parade in Chappaqua, New York as Hillary sought to gain some support. Despite the fact that most people knew exactly why she was there, she actually tried to pretend that her favorite past time was marching in parades. “I love it. I love being here. It’s my favorite … uh … parade,” she said at one point.

Either way, people weren’t too pleased with what they saw in the background as there was a man clearly designated as a prop. As can clearly be seen, walking just one pace behind the presidential hopeful was a Navy veteran in full uniform – but many noticed something a bit “off.”

As outlined in Tony Galvez’s Facebook post gone viral, “uniform is jacked, ribbons and medals are wrong, cover is tilted and last but not least, we are not allowed to wear our uniform to any political event in support of a candidate.” Although it wasn’t clear at the time, it didn’t take long for people to start accusing Hillary of hiring an actor to don a military uniform.


It goes without saying just how unsettling something like this would be. I mean, imagine if Hillary paid someone to steal valor. Fortunately, it seems that even Hillary won’t stoop that low as there are plenty of idiots willing to walk beside her that actually once wore the uniform.

As Snopes reports, the man in question is “Oscar Flores, director of operations at the Clintons’ New York home, who was also a member of the United States Navy until he retired in 2011 after 22 years of service.” Although Tony argued that Flores isn’t allowed to wear his uniform to a political event in support of a candidate, it seems that Hillary was able to slither around that little regulation.

According to Snopes, military members are allowed to wear their uniforms in parades – which Hillary just so happened to be walking in – so all is good in the eyes of the military. However, the man was clearly walking with Hillary and was being used, without question, as a political prop in the background.

Either way, the most recent reveal hasn’t stopped too many people from being ticked off. For one, the uniform regulations that this man broke are just about endless as Tony’s post clearly outlines. Comments under other pictures go on to list even more, including the anchors on Flores’ collar not being in their proper place.

I don’t know what kind of guy would gladly volunteer his uniform to be used as a prop for a political candidate – especially after serving for 22 years – but this is just ridiculous. I guess it only goes to show how much the uniform means to the man, seeing how he doesn’t even wear it properly. Furthermore, to allow a political candidate to use it as a red carpet of sorts, that’s just about as low as it gets.

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