Terror Issue Warning

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With ISIS threatening the Western world on a daily basis, fears of terror attacks are at an all-time high. Now, an official warning has gone out to all people traveling to Europe.

Please send prayers to Europe!

Tensions in Europe are high. Between the influx of Muslim migrants and recent terror attacks, it isn’t the safest place to be at the moment. And the threat isn’t going away any time soon. Europe is refusing to act on many of these threats due its obsession with “tolerance” and PC. This is leading to radicalized groups infiltrating communities further.

And one leader is vocalizing fears that something could happen this summer.

Here’s what French President Francois Hollande had to say:

As we’ve said earlier, France and Europe in general is on the State Department’s travel warning list and with the summer influx of tourists and this major soccer tournament, terrorists are going to be even more tempted.

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