Bill Clinton Caught On Camera Doing This

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While campaigning for his wife in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Watts, Bill Clinton got a welcome that he definitely wasn’t expecting.

According to Western Journalism, as Bill posed for photos, a woman could be heard shouting, “Hey Clinton, f*** you!”

Despite the profanity, Bill kept his composure and managed to smile for the picture. However, the woman kept yelling, making it clear she was angry about the crime bill passed in 1994 during Clinton’s administration. She slammed Bill for coming to take photos of young minority individuals while his crime bill had sent others to jail.

Our people are still in jail from your crime bill,” the woman yelled.

“You better get out!” yelled another.

“Mandatory minimums and you want to take pictures of my people here?” the first woman yelled again. “We’re still in jail for what you did.”

This isn’t the first time Bill has hurt Hillary’s chances on the campaign trail.

“Bill Clinton can be a captivating speaker, but he can also be an undisciplined one,” wrote Amy Davidson in the New Yorker. “Last week, in a restaurant in Santa Fe, he got into a half-hour argument about his welfare and education programs with a twenty-four-year-old Bernie Sanders supporter. Earlier, in Philadelphia, he had an angry exchange with Black Lives Matter supporters over the 1994 crime bill.”

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