Terrorism Strikes Major City

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Last week, Americans traveling to Europe were warned that terror attacks were being planned for the continent over the summer. Now, it has been revealed that a massive terrorist attack was narrowly thwarted in France recently.

According to The Political Insider, an armed French person was detained last month for planning mass attacks during the Euro 2016 football tournament, which starts on Friday. The man has been identified as Gregoire Moutaux, 25, and he was arrested on the Ukrainian border with Poland.

Intelligence chief Vasyl Hrytsak told reporters that Moutaux had planned 15 attacks and was driven by ultra-nationalist views. He had gathered guns, detonators and 125kg of TNT, and had listed bridges, motorways, a mosque and a synagogue as his targets.

Hrytsak said Moutaux is now being prosecuted for terrorism. This announcement came just one day after the French President warned of terrorist attacks.

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