Hillary Clinton Caught In Massive New Lie – This Could Be The End For Her

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From the moment her personal emails server was exposed, Hillary Clinton has claimed nothing she sent or received was marked classified at the time.

However, now a 2012 email she sent has come back to haunt her after it was released by the State Department. It’s not looking good for her…

But a 2012 email released by the State Department appears to challenge that claim because it carries a classified code known as a “portion marking” – and that marking was on the email when it was sent directly to Clinton’s account.

The “C” – which means it was marked classified at the confidential level – is in the left-hand-margin and relates to an April 2012 phone call with Malawi’s first female president, Joyce Banda, who took power after the death of President Mutharika in 2012.   

“(C)  Purpose of Call: to offer condolences on the passing of President Mukharika and congratulate President Banda on her recent swearing in.”

Everything after that was fully redacted before it was publicly released by the State Department — a sign that the information was classified at the time and dealt with sensitive government deliberations.

A US government source said there are other Clinton emails with classified markings, or marked classified, beyond the April 2012 document.

A January 2014 federal government training manual, called “Marking Classified National Security Information,” provides a step-by-step guide for reviewing classified information, and allocating classified codes or “portion markings.”

“This system requires that standard markings be applied to classified information…Markings shall be uniformly and conspicuously applied to leave no doubt about the classified status of the information, the level of protection required, and the duration of classification.”

It adds, “A portion is ordinarily defined as a paragraph, but also includes subjects, titles, graphics, tables, charts, bullet statements, sub-paragraphs, classified signature blocks, bullets and other portions within slide presentations, and the like.”

“Portion markings consist of the letters “(U)” for Unclassified, “(C)” for Confidential, “(S)” for Secret, and “(TS)” for Top Secret.”

Congressman Mike Pompeo, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, has read the 22 Top Secret emails too damaging to national security to release, and routinely reviews classified documents.

While he could not speak directly to the April 2012 email, he said, “I’ve seen information like that often. Often certain parts of a particular message will be unclassified and other parts will be classified and they are almost always marked paragraph by paragraph.”

Pompeo added, “If, in fact, it is truly marked confidential that would.. and she read it, that made it to her, that would conflict with what she had previously said.”

On Wednesday, Clinton told Bret Baier on Special Report,  “the fact is, nothing that I sent or received was marked classified, and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that. “

These emails may push Hillary Clinton over the edge and get her sent to prison. SHARE if you think Hillary should be in jail!

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