BREAKING: Clinton Surrenders When Faced With Jail Time – Reveals Everything

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Hillary Clinton has been narrowly dodging jail for months during the FBI’s investigation into her use of a personal email server. Now, however, it looks like her luck has finally run out.

Instead of ending 2016 in the White House, Hillary is now looking at concluding the year in a jail cell.

There were reports recently that the ex-lawyer for one of Hillary Clinton’s aides, Bryan Pagliano has said that when he is questioned by the Judicial Watch shortly, he will be pleading the 5th amendment. He was the person who set up the private email server for Hillary during her time as Secretary of State.

“The potential for self-incrimination here is sufficient to justify Mr. Pagliano’s intention to assert his Fifth Amendment rights,” said Mark MacDougall in the Washington Free Beacon.

Further reports state that the permission to question Pagliano was obtained after a deposition hearing for public records lawsuit that took place in January. He clearly does not want to cooperate.

“It is unfortunate the public’s right to know is being hampered,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in a statement. “These court filings are further evidence of the legal mess caused by Mrs. Clinton’s email system.”

It should be noted that Pagliano has been granted immunity by the Justice Department which means that he is not able to be prosecuted for any actions that he was told to do by Clinton. He still chooses to protect her.

“Because it’s a separate judicial proceeding, he has a right to invoke the Fifth Amendment,” his lawyer said.

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