BREAKING: Witness Reveals There Were TWO Gunmen At Orlando Shooting – Second One On The Loose

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The nation is still struggling to recover from the devastating shooting in Orlando, Florida early Sunday morning that left 49 people dead at the hands of a terrorist named Omar Mateen.

Police originally believed that Mateen acted alone, but now witnesses who were at Pulse nightclub at the time of the shooting are saying they believe they saw him with an accomplice.

“I’m pretty sure it was more than one person. I heard two guns going at the same time,” said witness Janiel Gonzalez, according to Three Percent Nation.

“It was very, very crazy. He kept on shooting and shooting and shooting, rapid fire,’’ Gonzalez said, “and he’d change (clips), put in more ammunition—bud-dudda. I could smell the ammo in the air.’’

If there was indeed a second gunman, that means he’s still on the loose and could launch another attack in the name of ISIS. Please pray that Mateen did indeed act alone!

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