Trump Drops Bombshell About VP Nomination – Supporters Stunned

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Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump hinted that he is close to revealing his Vice Presidential choice when he recently called for attendees at a rally in Tampa, Fla., to offer up suggestions as to whom they would encourage him to pick.

“We have some great people in the Republican Party. Everybody wants to know who I’m going to choose for vice president. Who do you like?” Trump asked the crowd, according to Western Journalism.

Trump then turned his ear to the crowd and had them shout their choice of running mate to him.

“He says Newt,” Trump yelled as the crowd shouted the former Speaker of The House’s name Newt Gingrich.

“They say Sessions,” he said referencing the Republican senator from Georgia.

“He says Condi Rice!” Trump stated mentioning the former secretary of state under George W. Bush, drawing the most applause from the crowd.

“Who else, who do you like?” Trump asked giving the crowd time for those who wished to opine to offer up their own nomination. “I’ve never done this before this is fun!”

“We have a lot of great people. You’ll be happy,” Trump said.

Experts say this playful exchange implies Trump is getting ready to reveal his running mate. Who do you think he should choose as his Vice President? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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