You Won’t Believe What They Found In The Orlando Terrorist’s Mosque…

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The nation was rocked by a deadly terrorist attack early Sunday morning when Omar Mateen stormed into an Orlando, Florida nightclub and brutally murdered 49 people before being shot dead by police. Now, disturbing new details about his mosque have surfaced that are sending chills down patriot’s spines.

According to Daily Mail, Mateen is the second extremist to be tied to the Fort Pierce Islamic Center, a small mosque with around 200 regular attendees. In 2014, Moner-Muhammad Abu Salha committed a suicide bombing in Syria, making him one of the first Americans to carry out such an attack overseas. Before he became a radical terrorist, Salha lived in Vero Beach and attended the same Fort Pierce mosque as Mateen.

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Fort Pierce Imam Syed Shafeeq Rahman stubbornly refused to call Salha or Mateen “members” of the mosque, instead only admitting that they worshipped there.

“This is a coincidence. There is no teaching given about extremism in this mosque. There is nothing coming in the sermon or the speeches,” Rahman told WPTV on Sunday.

Before embarking on his rampage, Mateen called 911 and made a pledge of allegiance to ISIS. Despite this, Rahman is skeptical of his actual ties to the terrorist group, and instead suggested that Mateen only said that for publicity.

“The mosque did not radicalize him,” Rahman added. “If something radicalized him, it might be the Internet.”

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Rahman went on to say that he had known Mateen since he was a child, and that though he was energetic as a boy, he was quiet as an adult.

“As a grown-up he did not talk to anyone,” Rahman told the Sun-Sentinel. “He was really quiet. He came at the last minute and did not talk to anybody. He would shake hands … and take his son on his shoulders and leave.”

It seems awfully suspicious that two terrorists attended the same mosque in Florida. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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