GOP Establishment Launches SICK Plan To STEAL Election From Trump – It’s Happening

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Members of the GOP establishment have been trying to take down presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for months, even though voters have made it clear that he is the person we want representing us.

Now, the “#NeverTrump” movement has come one step closer to their goal after a major donor to former candidate Mitt Romney officially started an organization to ensure a Trump challenger would have ballot access across America. According to The Political Insider, big donor John Kingston promised he will bankroll a ballot-access project to create a path for someone to run as another option. The NY Times reported that this effort is being called Better for America.

Kingston said the idea is “to do a proof of concept for everybody. It exists, there is a pathway, there is a road that you can be going down.”

The organization already has the support of Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, who teamed up with Kingston to find a challenger to both Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump for a third-party line. Pollster Joel Searby is the organization’s chief strategist, and lawyers  Mohammad Jazil and Matthew Sawyer are helping out as well.

Sawyer served as general counsel for the Texas business magnate H. Ross Perot’s Reform Party presidential run in 1996. Anne MacDonald, who was the chief of staff to the first lady Laura Bush, is also an advisor for the group.

It’s sickening that members of the establishment are STILL trying to take Trump down. If they continue with these efforts, they will effectively be handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

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