BREAKING: Obama Caught Doing THIS – He Could Go to Jail

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We already knew that Barack Hussein Obama didn’t care about immigrants coming into this country illegally, but even we had no idea he’d be this bad…

According to The Washington Times, authorities admitted to Congress on Tuesday that immigration agents catch an abysmally small percentage of the illegal immigrants who arrived on visas but overstayed their welcome. Members of Congress revealed that a whopping 480,000 people overstayed their visas last year, adding to a backlog that has surpassed 5 million.

Despite these numbers, immigration officials have launched investigations into only 10,000 of them, which constitutes about 0.2%. They’ve arrested less than 2,000 of them, which is fewer than 0.4%, claiming that the others don’t rise to the level of being priority targets.

“We utilize our prioritization scheme along with the resources that we have,” Craig Healy, assistant director for national security investigations at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, commented as he tried to defend the administration’s meager efforts.

He blamed a lack of funding and an environment where authorities only have limited information for these shortcomings, adding that it often takes them months to decide if someone really did overstay their visa and if they are deemed serious enough offenders to make an effort to go after. Members of Congress were shocked by these admissions.

Rep. Lamar Smith, Texas Republican, slammed the Obama administration for losing sight of this problem, saying they deported some 12,500 overstays in 2009, but just 6,800 in 2012 and only 2,500 last year — or less than one out of every 2,000.

“By deporting such a small percentage of the visa overstayers, the message they are sending wide and far is just get into the country, if you’re not convicted of a serious crime, [and] you’re going to be allowed to stay. You’re gonna pass go; you’re gonna get the money,” Smith said. “That is the wrong message to send because it increases more illegal immigration.”

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