BREAKING: Orlando Shooter’s Wife Goes MISSING – Authorities Panicking

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Days after the Orlando terrorist attack that has left 49 people dead, the wife of shooter Omar Mateenhas gone missing. This came one day after she admitted to police that she had known the shooting was going to happen and did nothing to stop it.

According to Right Wing News, police went to the home of Seddique Mateen this morning  to speak with his son’s wife, but she was not there. The father of Omar claimed that he had no idea where his daughter-in-law had gone. He would only tell police that she was “no longer here” and wasn’t in the area.

Since Omar Mateen’s wife knew about the attack, many are calling for her to be charged as an accessory to murder. There’s no telling what she is capable of, so it’s crucial that police find her as soon as possible.

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