New Details Leak About Malia Obama’s Graduation – White House Didn’t Want This Getting Out

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America’s enemies like Russia and North Korea have lost all respect for the U.S. because our president is a weak mess who constantly displays this by publicly crying. Obama did this once again this week when he opened up about his 17 year-old daughter Malia’s graduation.

“Some of you may know that on Friday, my elder daughter Malia graduated from high school. And I sat in the back and wore dark glasses,” Obama told a gathering of women from across the county at the Women Summit held at the White House, according to DNA India.

“And only cried once, but it was — I made this weird sound because I was choking back — and people looked at me, people sitting in front of us turned back. And then I suppressed it,” Obama recounted. “I was thinking about how she is graduating at this extraordinary time for women in America.”

Can you imagine Vladimir Putin talking about crying like a little baby? Emotions are fine, but we need a leader who will send fear into the hearts of our enemies. No wonder America is constantly being attacked…Our enemies think we all do nothing but cry all the time!

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