Shocking News About Obamacare Leaks – This Could Change The Election

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The issue of Obamacare has been flying under the radar during this election season as others like immigration and terrorism remain at the forefront. However, that is all likely about to change, as major bad news about Obamacare is coming in now.

The Political Insider reported that Obamacare premiums are set to go up at least 11 percent just ahead of Election Day in November, even for the cheapest plans that many low income families purchased. The most popular type of insurance sold by the Obamacare marketplace will get higher premiums at a faster clip by 2017 than they have faced in the last few years.

A Kaiser Family Foundation report released this week revealed that the “silver” plans, some of the most popular choices for middle and lower income Americans, will rise up to 11 percent. These plans are purchased by 68% of Obamacare visitors.

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